Ben L Williams
Digital Management & UX Design

Ben Williams

Ben Williams

More than good looks

Just like people, a good web site is more than what's on the surface. It should be friendly, interesting, and easy to get along with. Like a professional butler, it should feel helpful when you need it, and dissapear behind the content when you're fully engaged.

Let's design amazing experiences together!

I have been creating and building web-based experiences since 2007. I love the creativity of the craft and the psychological aspects of understanding a person's wants and needs when hopping on the internet or using an application. I have been a leader and manager of front-end technologies and have partnered with IT and Business in Digital Transformation initiatives.

I'm currently looking for leadership opportunities in the areas of front-end and di, UX design, and digital transformation.

A Brief History

Before taking a severance package from Verizon, I was lead, then Sr. Manager of UI Engineering and the creator/product owner of a front-end and UI framework which became the most used and well known UI development platform in the company. The documentation for the original version of this framework can be seen at

My pre-management background includes 9 years of UX design, front-end development and project leadership/management, where I gained extensive experience in creating websites and applications from the ground up, rejuvenating existing website and application experiences, and making complex tasks and information seem simple.

Management Highlights

  • Ability to drive change and innovation while keeping a happy and productive workforce.
  • Deep understanding of design systems creation, documentation, and successful implementation.
  • Effectively communicate and present big ideas to an audiences of varying technical knowledge base.
  • Skilled at utilizing empathy to build team loyalty and commitment to achieving goals.
  • Worked and trained others in Agile/SCRUM methodologies.
  • Strong knowledge and history in UX Design and front-end web development.